Max Dingle, 2019, Mouth / Fish

What the body knows (but may have forgotten)

An ongoing series of art experiments



There’s something strange, slightly surreal surfacing in the Shoalhaven.

For anyone who knows Max Dingle OAM and Natalie McDonagh PhD you may think of them as somewhat reserved, conscientious, serious characters with letters after their names; nice people who give generously of their time, energy and skills to the cultural life of the community.

There is, however, a somewhat darker, skewed side to these two friends which they are indulging in their ongoing arts experiment: investigating and resurrecting what the body knows (but may have forgotten).

Dingle and McDonagh’s creative collaboration is an attempt to maintain some semblance of sense and sanity in a world they are finding ever more bewildering and absurd.

You may find some use, solace or inspiration in Dingle and McDonagh’s artistic strategies and made works. Some are shared here for you to fossick through.

There are also occasional opportunities to experience and participate in Dingle and McDonagh’s unorthodox blend of visual and performance arts when they produce physical pop-up spaces. Subscribe to hear when and where.

Meeting of minds

When people meet sometimes things just resonate and then over time a compatibility of thought and base influences come together sufficiently to form a working relationship.

An immediate resonation was Dada and its bastard child Surrealism. Dada: a movement, a protest, born in the midst of the brutal conflict of World War I. Dada used art, music, theatre, performance, poetry and literature in its manifesto that raucously challenged tradition in outrageous (for the time) fashion, flouting cultural, political and social values.

Dingle and McDonagh found creative alignment in 2019 through What the body knows (but may have forgotten), a line of thinking of Natalie’s that pointed a direction for development of each artist’s thought processes, both solo and shared.

Max and Natalie invite you to take a meander through the site’s three Galleries, check out the Stockroom and see what they are doing by way of Events & Exhibitions. If you have any queries, please feel free to make contact.